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Bio-Medical Waste Management Solutions 2  - A'Niche Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd.


  • Management of waste materials in hospitals and clinics
  • Minimize cost and fulfillment times.


  • Garbage collections
  • Control the movement and storage of waste materials
  • Process the associated transactions, including picking garbage bags from the hospitals and clinics.


  • Smart device application
  • No portability issues
  • GPS Location Access
  • User friendly
  • Ease of work and satisfaction

System will help to..

  • Stop Manual Operations
  • Automated data collection
  • Customer waste collection data, analysis or reporting
  • Validation of work performed or waste collected
  • Real time data transfer to backend system
  • Real time Vehicle Tracking
Bio-Medical Waste Management Solutions 1  - A'Niche Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Weighing and scanning barcode

Garbage collection is done on daily basis to track record of waste materials in the hospitals/clinics. Garbage collectors scan barcode labelled on garbage bags and note down the weight of the bags. All the entered data will get saved in smart device with GPS location and at the end of the day it provides an out put file containing all records. You can use this output file for billing process in your system. Application can also push scanned data to your backend database system online. Online data update to backend will help management to track vehicles in real time.

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