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Your brand, your customer base and the field workers who support them are three of your most valuable assets. When field workers can perform pre-sales, sales, and route accounting activities; more effectively interact with customers; and more immediately respond to their requests and requirements, they can sell faster and grow customer bases.

In a hyper-competitive market, access to reliable and differentiated technology solutions can allow you to achieve peak efficiency leading to greater profitability and cash flow.


At each customer site, field workers handle the complete sales cycle — from the ordering process to the delivery of product, invoicing, returns, merchandising and the general management of the customer relationship.

When you don’t have real-time visibility into inventory and planogram compliance or site-specific competitive tactics, you’re not optimally prepared for a sales call. You may also miss out on valuable opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

And lack of real-time order management could cause delays in product availability that leaves retail shelves empty. The result? lost sales for your customers and you.

  • Field Sales and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solutions equip your personnel with purpose-built mobile devices so they can effectively respond to customer requests and requirements.
  • Agility is improved using real-time visibility to take advantage of new opportunities, optimize product mix and immediately counter competitive threats.
  • Field workers can perform pre-sales, merchandising, sales and route accounting activities, accept payments, issue credits, capture customer signatures, and more effectively interact with customers.
  • With access to a wealth of product information, including available inventory, pricing and any current promotions, field workers are better prepared to provide superior customer service boost sales.
  • More sales opportunities per shift
  • Greater predictability and visibility in buying signals / demand forecast
  • Differentiated and compliant brand positioning and experiences
  • Higher effectiveness/impact of marketing spend
  • Increased customer bases
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved free cash flow
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